Travelling around India and South East Asia, Anja was first introduced to Yoga during an Ayurvedic retreat in India. From that day, Anja has been practicing various styles of Yoga all over Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and has now settled on her mat in the UK.

Being on the path of Yoga for only 8 months, her drive and infinite passion brought Anja back to Asia where her journey of Yoga all begun. In July 2017, she completed her first 200 hour Alliance teacher training in Hatha & Vinyasa flow. During her studies at Pranaya Yoga School  & Wild Rose Yoga Studio in Chiang Mai Thailand, she has been blessed to learn with teachers that integrate various aspects of Yoga into their yoga practices and teachings.

Her gratitude goes to Laurence Gilliot  and Rosemary Bolivar whom emphasized a fuller spectrum of Yoga , integrating Asana and principles of subtle yogic bodies and Ayurveda into personal life and practice. Anja’s study with Gernot Huber comprehensive focus for Yoga Anatomy and Yoga Alignment helped to refined her whole outlook on safety and body awareness in intelligent sequencing and movement on the mat. Through Anja’s study with Lek Kittikunadul, who’s knowledge on Chinese Medicine, his unique way of teaching principles of Yin Yoga, fascia and bringing awareness to moving beyond habitual patterning of movement and thought, Anja was encouraged to step even further out of her comfort zone and deepen her love for InnerLife Yin Yoga.

Having suffered from anxiety, stress and exhaustion very young on, it is very close to her heart to bring “Yoga into your life”. To help you slow things down, to become aware of the true qualities in life and helping you understand, that “all we need already exists within us”.

Join her on a journey of becoming more aware of your body, mind and spirit. Learn about the importance of your breath (Prana-life force) and the gift of Yoga to a more healthy and balanced life.

With her classes, Anja will help you to establish your own practice. To keep it fresh and creative, to see every day as a new opportunity, every practice is a new experience and every breath as a chance to create something unique!




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